Have I Lost Him For Good? How To Know If Your Ex Boyfriend Will Come Back To You!

Have I lost him for good? You wish that you didn’t have to ask this question but you can’t help yourself. Since the break up with your boyfriend, you’ve held out hope that he would find his way back to you. But so much time has passed and still nothing has changed. You two are still miles apart emotionally and you miss him constantly. You worry that he’ll never come to the realization that you’re the woman for him. You likely also feel anxiety over the prospect of him meeting someone else and falling head over heels in love with her. You need some reassurance that your boyfriend will come back to you. That hope may actually be staring you right in the face. There are some behavior signs that indicate that a man is seriously considering rekindling a past love. If you see any of these in your ex boyfriend, the man wishes he was back with you too.

If you talk to him frequently you needn’t worry too much about losing him forever. When a man leaves a relationship and he’s grateful that it’s over, he’ll head for the hills and out of his ex girlfriend’s life as fast as he can. He’ll never call, he won’t send a single email and he won’t ever run into you. If your ex is still someone you converse with on a regular basis, he’s not over you yet. If he didn’t care about you, you’d be a distant past memory to him and he would move forward in his life without any contact with you.


You can also take some comfort in the fact that he hasn’t started dating anyone new yet. It’s very hard to move on to a new relationship when your heart still belongs to your ex. You know this from experience. Your boyfriend likely feels the same way and that’s why he is still single and not looking for anyone new. It’s also a great sign if he seems extra interested in who you’re dating at the moment. If you asks you often about any new guys you are seeing, that’s a clear indicator that he’s hoping that no one new will steal you away from him.

Does your ex often bring up his past mistakes in relation to your failed relationship? Regret is hard to live with when you’ve lost something or someone you truly love. If he can’t stop talking about what he would do differently or how much he’s changed since you two broke up, he’s saying that so you’ll reconsider things. By sharing these sentiments with you, he’s trying to convince you that he’s not the same man who broke your heart in the past.

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