About Returning A Financed Car?

By Craig Clowes

Buying a new car is not only an exciting practice but also something that everyone looks forward to. Getting the keys to your own brand new car is a welcomed notion. But most of the time we don’t have the capital to turn this notion into a reality. This is where many individuals happen to choose auto loans that many banks in Canada offer to their clients. These loans are available easily but under certain rules and considerations. These are mainly present to protect the loan and to make its repayment ensured. But there is also another consideration that many people don’t really think of unless an unforeseeable event happens like loss of business etc and they happen to return the car. But what will be the procedure of returning a car that was bought by the use of auto loans. This course of writing will help you with the procedure and different aspects pertinent to it.

The first step in returning the financed car that a person has bought is to review the auto contract you have signed. Many states in Canada offer loans such as Newfoundland and Labrador auto loan and other car financing options are provided with certain clauses and rules regarding this very matter. Try to understand these rules and return the car. For instance some contracts have specified the time period or the usage of the car by which you can return the car. This is mostly three days from the purchase of the financed car.


If you happen to have a car with Newfoundland and Labrador auto loan or any other financial options that need to be terminated, you need to notify the concerned party about your intentions. Let the dealership and the bank know about your decision and if the agreement that you singed allows you to carry out with it then contact the dealer and your lender as soon as possible. Mention your intentions and get the agreement terminated.

Remember that even though the agreement may have allowed you to return the car, it is imperative that you have the car in top notch condition. With mileage and other damages exceeded it may become hard for the dealership to take the car back. Also you must know that you may have to pay the interest on the car financing that you used. It incurs at the time you sign the contract and before termination of the auto contract that many Newfoundland and Labrador auto loans have so the lender may ask you to pay the interest. You must be prepared financially to pay off this interest.

Also most of the time it is feasible for you to carry out a practice that is known as voluntary repossession. This is the method by which a dealer will assist you in auctioning off the car and use the funds that are generated from the auction to pay the lender. This is the easiest way to go around it and can assist you in solving your problem.

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