The Dangers Of Being Too Nice To Your Pet

We all want to treat our pets like members of the family. We certainly do not want to be too mean to them. However, being too nice to your pet can be almost as bad. Keep reading to learn about the dangers of being too nice to your pet.Everyone knows dogs love their treats. When training them, it is a good idea to provide them with treats to give them an incentive to obey you. Whenever they do something right the owner should reward them with a treat.However some owners make the mistake of taking things too far. They will give their dog a treat way too often. Not only can this make the training less effective but it can also lead to problems with your dog’s weight. Needless to say, having an obese dog is not a good thing. Obesity invites all sorts of health problems, and dog’s typically have a shorter lifespan when they do not maintain a healthy weight.It is still a good idea to give your dog a treat every so often. It is best for you to choose the particular type of treat correctly though. As with humans, there are healthy foods and junk foods. Give your dog healthy treats instead of foods which are not really good for him.Plenty of owners have problems with their dog’s behavior. In many cases, the owner is really to blame since the dog is just acting on his instincts. One common problem is dominant aggression. This occurs when the dog wants to be the alpha male and control other members in the household.It is important for you not to be too nice with your dog and let this behavior go uncontrolled. If you do it will only get worse. You need to put your foot down and let your canine know who the boss in your household is. If you are having troubles doing it yourself then consider hiring a professional trainer to do the training for you.Barking can particularly be a problem. Dogs bark for many different reasons, and many times will keep barking all night if you let them. This is another behavior you will want to deal with as soon as possible. Two of your options include training and buying an anti-barking collar.We all want to be nice to our pets. However, avoid being too nice to them because it can cause all sorts of problems. Do not give your pet treats too much, especially those which are not healthy. Also, you will want to get any behavioral problems under control right away.