Popular Medical Insurance Firms

There are various medical coverage providers in the country and still, it is sad to see that not everyone are able to fully protect themselves and their family from medical emergencies due to the rising price of health coverage. Good for those who like the chance to be part of group health coverage as they pay little or nothing at all. For most Americans, it is a shoo-in for individual health coverage, or nothing at all. While individual health insurance can be more expensive than group health insurance, it would be more costly not to have any coverage at all. To make the search for the perfect medical insurance carriers less difficult, it would be best to look into their profiles and what they can offer to the people.Here are the top medical insurance carriers as ranked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners based on their market share:Unitedhealth GroupThe UnitedHealth Group includes UnitedHealthcare, one of the many medical insurance carriers that supply millions of customers all over the United States. The Group provides healthcare coverage that provide access to choice healthcare not only in the fifty states but also in other international markets. The joining of UnitedHealthcare and Golden Rule Insurance Company in 2003 has led to the delivery of health insurance solutions and innovative health insurance products to many customers. One of the many criticisms placed against medical insurance carriers is the processing speed of claims. This carrier is proud of being able to handle 94 percent of all health insurance claims in 10 business days or even less. Medical insurance providers like United provide a toll-free customer service line for customer concerns.WellPointAmid all the other medical insurance carriers, WellPoint has the biggest membership of 34 million for its affiliated health plans. The company provides health benefit solutions and products including long-term care coverage, life and disability insurance and behavioral health benefit services among others. Health coverage is supplied by this firm to over 30 million customers via the Blue Cross and Blue Shield name. It provides various health plans including indemnity, HMO, PPO, hybrid plans for businesses, and recipients of Medicaid and Medicare. WellPoint has 37,500 employees as of 2010.Kaiser Foundation GroupThe Kaiser Foundation Group includes Kaiser Permanente which in turn is composed of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Permanente Medical Groups. With at least 8.7 million customers all over the District of Columbia and nine states, Kaiser is respected as the largest non-profit health plan in the US. It is known for providing an integrated health care delivery model to its members that includes emergency care, well-baby and prenatal care, pre-emptive care, pharmacy services, hospital visits and medical services. It has a network of 32 medical centers, 416 medical offices and 13,729 physicians.AetnaAetna is one of the healthcare leaders amid the numerous medical insurance carriers in the US. They provide employee benefits, disability coverage, group life, pharmacy and dental insurance. Aetna is supported by 154 years of tradition, having been created in 1850. It has a total of 34,024 employees and covers all 50 states. The company has 16.6 million members and has a network of 4771 hospitals and more than 470,000 doctors and specialists.HumanaOneHumanaOne offers inexpensive health premiums and targets fresh college graduates, early retirees, entrepreneurs and those who are not covered through an employer. It aims to make insurance plans more inexpensive to these sectors by offering low premium costs of up to fifty percent. As one of the biggest publicly-traded health insurance providers in the country, HumanaOne has a network of over 3,000 hospitals, over 350,000 medical providers and around 50,000 pharmacies all over the country.Knowing about the premier medical insurance providers will give consumers an impression of what to seek out when selecting their own medical insurance carriers including the quality of health insurance provided, costs, and the total network of the carrier.