Out Of Home Advertising Opportunities: The Bar Top Video Game}

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Out of Home Advertising Opportunities: the Bar Top Video Game


Jeff R. Lamb

In a landscape that used to be dominated by jukeboxes and arcade machines, a new digital player is capturing the attention of customers – the bar top video game machine. These devices typically sit at the end or corner of a bar, providing hundreds of touch screen video games for bored bar patrons. Most customers spend hours captivated by these video screens – a perfect time to grab their attention with your company’s advertising message.

Benefits of this OOH Medium –

Bar top video games provide a fun escape for millions of bar patrons across the country. Whether they are business traveler hitting up the airport bar between flights or a couple enjoying a night out, these touch screen video games provide cheap entertainment to accompany drinks and appetizers.

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How Bar Top Video Games are Used for Advertising –

Bar top video games allow patrons to play hundreds of fun and easy video games while enjoying their cocktails. Some machines even allow additional game content to be downloaded online. As the games are being played, small advertisements are positioned in the areas surrounding the game screen.

It is relatively easy for advertisers to target a wide range of different demographic segments with bar top video games. Advertisers can choose to display their messaging in a hip, downtown spot to target the 18-35 year old market, or place them in airport bars to target frequent business flyers.

Many advertising categories work well in bar venues. Almost every category imaginable has been advertised with bar top video games to some success.

How This OOH Medium is Measured –

Much like digital jukeboxes, advertising with bar top video games can be measured in a number of different ways. Asset owners are able to monitor the number of plays certain games receive by each individual bar top video game, allowing them to gather metrics by region and over the entire network. They can even track the number of plays a game gets in a specific bar for the duration of your advertisement or promotion.

Markets where this OOH Medium is Available –

OOH advertising opportunities with bar top video games are available at dozens of bars and taverns in most U.S. cities, with more being added every week.

Where Can You Buy Bar Media?

Out of Home (OOH) advertising opportunities with bar top video games are sold by a number of different media companies. Many have digital media assets in numerous bars, taverns and similar locations around the world, while others hold unique assets in single, highly sought after locations. Alternative media companies profile these assets and specialize in connecting asset owners with advertisers interested in buying these media.

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Out of Home Advertising Opportunities: the Bar Top Video Game


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