The Florida Keys Experience Your Dream Vacation

July 31st, 2018 by iGGDBfCR

By Todd Erwin

Vacation planning can often end up being such a drudgery. With all the details, searching and even just deciding on where you want to go. So, why not simplify the whole vacation decision process and just decide on America’s best vacation spot? The Florida Keys! With great beaches, lovely palms, tons of fun and of course you can not forget about the loads of great Florida sunshine! And, to make things even better, there is no passport required!

Take in The Tons of Beautiful Scenery!

The Florida Keys are world famous for their many scenic attractions, white sand beaches, exotic little islands, unbelievable sunsets, plus birds and other amazing wildlife that can be seen no where else in the world. It’s easy to fly into any of south Florida’s major airports, including Miami’s large international airport. A stay in the Florida Keys will allow you to wake up with the morning sun and frolic in the cool and sparkling waters of the Atlantic. Imagine an evening walk along one of the many pristine white sand beaches. For such delights, no other travel destination could possibly top the picturesque Florida Keys.

More Parks Than You Can Ever Imagine!

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The Florida Keys play host to a variety of both state and national parks. The Florida Keys also have a well-managed Nature Center that is a great experience for children, teens and adults alike. These famous parks will allow you and your family to interact with the native plants and animals as you learn new and valuable things about this unique land and seascape.

The Keys Boast Many World Class Historic Sites & Aquariums!

Beginning with the period of the Spanish exploration (and even before that) the Florida Keys have seen cultural influences from around the world. Both the state and federal governments have designated and preserved scores of historic sites throughout the Florida Keys. Visiting these places and experience what it must have been like a long time ago. Key West is famous for its beautiful destinations but it also has a rich history. Some of the most interesting sites are associated with Florida’s preservation of the Civil War-era fort in the Keys. With their many unique local fish species, the Keys will also allow you to snorkel or scuba dive in a beautiful living aquariums. Or, if you prefer a more terrestrial aquarium experience, visit the local aquarium and see fish from around the world. Children can even enjoy swimming with and feeding the Atlantic bottle nose dolphins.

And No, We Did’nt Forget About The Incredible Nightlife!

If these daytime activities don’t wear you out and you can find the energy, you can party all night long in the Keys. Grab your friends and head to the local bars and clubs in the Florida Keys. Listen to the bands as they play live music. Just sit and sip tropical drinks or dance the night away with your friends (old and new!).

Make your vacation choosing easy this year. Just choose the marvelous Florida Keys.

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