The Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate

By Stephen Fosner

Have you considered investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, futures, currency trading or other financial devices but were too wary to invest because of the risk. Then you should look into investing in real estate as an alternative way to build your wealth and provide financial security. Also real estate is an asset that you can see, touch, examine so it is easier to understand its value and worth.

Financial investments tend to be more risky due to the volatility of trading markets and their frequent day-to-day fluctuations. Growing your wealth by investing in real estate tends to be a more stable and robust investment not subject to market whims. Also real estate tends to be a great investment in a weaker economy as more and more people will be unable to afford a mortgage on a house thereby creating a larger pool of renters and more potential income. Of course most renters may want a home of their own and are unable to afford a mortgage but they still want a decent and affordable place to live.


It is well-known that real estate will increase in value, depending in the market where the property resides. So as the value of your real estate increases over time does your potential income. This is not necessarily a guarantee and is dependent on many factors, including where the property is, the type of property, age of the property, upkeep and other factors. But investing in a good, stable property will increase the odds that your property will increase in value as time goes on.

Rental income creates a good, steady and stable source of income that many people quickly learn to appreciate. True, you will need to deduct the mortgage payment from your total income (if you have a mortgage financed) as well as maintenance and repair costs, however the property can often become a steady, true stream of long-term income for you for years to come.

Consider the advantage of leverage which refers to your ability to buy a rental property using money that is borrowed from a Bank, Credit Union or other financial institution. Leverage allows you to invest into additional rental properties as well as provide for upkeep and maintenance of existing properties. Your advantage is that you pay for only a percentage of the mortgage each month while the property over time will increase your profits as rental income pays down your mortgage as well as maintenance, repair and tax costs.

Yet another advantage to rental property is tax deductions you can take that allow you to deduct the cost of maintenance and repairs, improvements, taxes, insurance, mortgage interest, and more. The amount and type of tax deductions you are able to take will depend on local laws and where the rental property is located.

So invest in rental property and you will soon find that you are your own boss, you call the shots, and it’s your own business! Investing in real estate is an advantage that many people find very attractive and rewarding. Whether you intend to be a full-time landlord or part-time landlord you will come to appreciate the benefits of owning your own business, on your own terms.

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