Role Of A Real Estate Agent In Mumbai Real Estate

Role of a Real Estate Agent in Mumbai Real Estate


Ayush Kumar

With the kind of information available online and the online real estate platforms a lot of people wonder whether they still need a real estate agent to represent them in real estate transactions. The main reason to have an informed representative is that real estate transactions are high value transactions and one cannot afford to not take an informed decision. Buying a Property in Mumbai is an expensive affair as property prices in Mumbai have become comparable to property prices in the expensive destinations of the world.

An experienced real estate agent helps you to take that informed decision. He knows the nuances of buying and selling real estate in the neighborhood. He has all the right questions to ask and he makes sure that your interests are taken care of.

The Real estate agent saves a lot of your time by first understanding your exact requirement and then involving you only when he gets the exact match. For property sellers he makes sure that he shows the property to those who can give the best value for it. In case you are a buyer he makes sure that he finds the properties that match your exact requirement and budget and does not take you around seeing all the available options which might not match your requirement.


A Real estate agent has deep knowledge about the neighborhoods in Mumbai and the Mumbai real estate situation. He has information about other transactions that have happened in the neighborhood and thus helps you get the right price for your property in case you are a seller. He has complete information about the value that amenities around your house can add to the price you can get. For buyers he can show them the real picture about the real estate rates in the neighborhood.

An agent helps the buyers to get make a realistic price offer and the sellers to put a realistic price tag on the property. They also guide the buyers and sellers with the right negotiation strategy for the sale or buy transactions.

A good real estate agent has a huge network of information that will enable him to market a property very effectively. He generally markets the property online and also through other digital channels like emails and Sms’s. He also has a huge network of other real estate agents which he can get in touch for closing deals at the optimum price faster than ever.

The real estate agent also takes care of the paperwork that can run into lots of pages. He goes through and negotiates through all the clauses of the agreement to satisfy the interest of his client.

The successful real estate agent maintains a great relationship with his clients and helps his clients to make further real estate investments that promise a great return on investment.

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