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Gerry DossenImagine that you are a visitor to London, one of the world’s busiest metropolises. This is a city known to have a history of 2 millenia, recognized as a financial power centre globally and is also the nerve centre and capital of England and the United Kingdom. What started out as a fantastic experience can soon turn into a nightmare if you are not familiar with the geography of London. The reason? Needless to say, parking in London!

However, with some asking around and research on the internet, you will find that parking in London can be a smoother experience than imagined. Parking in London is provided all across the city in strategic places of high traffic. These may either be within busy locations or off those locations. For example, on-airport and off-airport parking in London. Similarly, such facilities are also provided at town centres, stations and airport terminals to name a few.


Parking in London is also provided by individual property owners for a certain fee apart from the government and private services. As a result, you can cut down your expenses since property owners charge comparatively lesser than private operators. Additionally, it is a good way for property owners to earn a steady income by renting out their empty garages and spaces.

Parking in London can depend on the needs of people. For example, it could be short term parking of just a day or a few days or may extend to long term parking of 6 month as well. When parking in London, it is good to be aware of the rules and regulations governing the subject as well as the symbols that provide a lot of information. You could attract small to heavy fines and penalties as well as a requirement to present yourself before a Magistrate if laws are flouted either intentionally or through ignorance.

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