Making Your Wood Stove Parts And Your Enjoyment Of Wood Heat Enduring

Making Your Wood Stove Parts and Your Enjoyment of Wood Heat Enduring


Kevin Peter

We have realized there is too much fun heating our homes with wood.

The enjoyment starts when we begin to fathom that wood is a renewable resource and the stuff we burn has come from a forest nearby.

Add to that the thought of bringing in the wood, assembling all stove parts, and starting the fire in one of the free standing stoves.

It is like being back to nature literally.

The demand for wood and wood burning heating stoves spikes up and down like stock prices in the NY Stock Exchange. The popularity goes up especially when oil and gas prices shoot up. And whenever the run-up is rapid, people start stocking wood far ahead of the approaching winter.

Burning a stove has its pleasure and stress. The angst is when you drastically look for buck and wood parts that need replacement or repair.

Generally, owners of servicesales do not face much of a problem with their heater. Most wood stove are sturdy and remain intact; rather they are pretty solid pieces of equipment.

However, one of the wood stove parts that may need replacement is baffles or catalytic combustors. The reason is these components are exposed to very high temperatures and deteriorate with use.

A catalytic combustor is one among the most important parts. Its function is to:

Clean the smoke that leaves the chimney

Reduce creosote or chimney tar

Maximize heat from wood

You can make the catalytic combustor last long by taking steps like cleaning regularly, burning only natural well-seasoned wood, and operating the stove as per the maker s instructions.

How will I know when my catalytic combustor isn t working properly or it needs replacement?

It is simple really. Look for two things.

1. The smoke coming out of your chimney is visibly darker

2. Your stove is working less efficiently than before

If the component is beyond repair you have no other option but to replace it from a good wood stove store. You can get a good quality retro-fit catalyst to suit your stove.

With proper care, your new combustor will give you improved efficiency, lower emissions, and many years of fuel savings.

There is nothing like wood heat with good quality Buck stoves you will experience it fully.

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