Lewisville Dentist Explains Holistic Dentistry

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By Jonathan Golab

LEWISVILLE, TX – Lewisville dentistry practitioner Dr. Jonathan Golab uses holistic dentistry in his practices. Below he describes the nature of holistic dentistry and how it benefits patients.

Practitioners of holistic dentistry believe that oral health care requires taking into account a patient’s whole physical and mental wellbeing – rather than just limiting care to the mouth. Holistic dentists vary in their approaches; however, most don’t use silver/amalgam fillings and they seek more natural ways for treating gum disease. They are also interested in preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible.

The materials and processes that dentists use to care for teeth and gums intimately affects each patient’s immune system and health overall. As a family dentistry provider, Golab follows the guidelines of the IAMFD (International Academy of Mercury Safe Dentists) and the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology).

For fixing small areas of damage dentists employ composites that mix glass-like particles and resin. Using crowns or conventional fillings often means that the dentist must take out part of the natural tooth. At his office in Flower Mound, Golab prefers to use inlays or onlays instead. Inlays are used if a patient experiences decay on the tooths upper surface. Onlays are useful when the patient’s teeth have decay on the cusps or top protrusions.

“Tooth-colored fillings are a good choice when a dentist is correcting a small area of tooth,” notes Golab. “My office uses the best materials you can get. They will give you a virtually invisible restoration that endures a long time, making them far superior to metal fillings.” Often such fillings can be inserted without needing to use anesthetic, utilizing “drill-less” technology. Holistic dentistry is an approach to dentistry that fosters health and wellness instead of emphasizing the treatment of disease. They propagate the following principles:

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Whole person oral care

Early support for the immune system during treatment

Managing gum infections microbiologically

Employing nontoxic restorative materials

“When we treat a patient, we take the time to understand his or her dental health in the context of the patient’s entire physical and mental health,” says Golab. “All varieties of physical and psychological circumstances impact dental work – and dental health impacts the rest of the body. Dentists must address them holistically. I find that my patients appreciate this approach – and are happy about the level of care we give them. They can see the difference in the quality of the dental care.”

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