How To Avoid An Eventual Accident

How To Avoid An Eventual Accident by MeasurementSpecialtiesIntroductionStatistics suggest that almost every driver has an accident while going in reverse at one point in their lifetime. Will your time come soon? There is a technological solution in limiting or eliminating this issue all together. Car parking sensors allow for safer parking and driver awareness. Driving mishaps that involve the driver’s visibility being limited can be costly and dangerous to the driver and pedestrians as well.Harrowing StatisticsEach year there are over 300,000 accidents reported in the U.S. due to reversing. The Department of Transportation states that 27% of car accidents involve at least one of the cars going in reverse. These accidents total to a number of over 1.3 billion dollars costing individuals and insurance is an organization set on limiting and eventually eradicating the harmful effects cars have on individual safety. They report that car reversal caused 91 child deaths in 2003. The Department of Transportation asserts that 70% of all accidents can be avoided if the vehicle is equipped with some sort of sensor.How it WorksA parking sensor is prompted when employing reverse gear. A small but highly intelligent sensor affixed to the rear of the vehicle sends and measures magnetic waves that interact with objects and alert the driver of their presence. An internal device educates the driver of the distance between the object and the rear of the vehicle.Parking Tips-Be aware of the possible presence of people (especially small children) when reversing-Watch both sides of the rear of the vehicle while reversing-Make sure your vehicle is parked between designated lines in parking lots-If driving with a passenger, have them get out and guide you while parallel parking-Car sensors are available for the front and rear of vehicles; it would be wise to invest in one or both-Research sensor purchases and only buy reliable brandsLeading Brands of Sensors-The Taurus T123-Quanan Q2030S-Sempal Mobiltron Supa-Steelmate PTS 200N2-Meta Targa SR2-Cobra ParkMaster 0166Measurement Specialties Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of sensors and pressure transmitters. We design and manufacture sensors for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as end users.Article Source: