Hints And Tips On Lawn Care That Every One Should Know}

Submitted by: Leo Lazich

One lazy day you find yourself standing outside on your lawn and notice that your neighbours lawn is so much better than your own. Fact is, your lawn too can not only match but actually be better than your neighbours lawn here are a few hints and tips on lawn care that will help you make your lawn sparkle again.

A healthy lawn should look like lush green smooth carpet with the grass at uniform height and here’s how this can be achieved.

Lawn Care Trip # 1 Preparing the soil start by testing it!

A good lawn starts with well prepared soil period! Start with testing the pH of your soil. No expertise is required here. Get yourself a pH soil testing kit from the nearest lawn / garden nursery or order it online. If you visit the nursery, also pick up a few bags of loan and compost.

Lawn Care Trip # 2 Tilling the soil

First remove all the weeds and then till the soil to a depth of six inches or so. This will loosen the soil and help with the drainage. If you have purchased the loam and compost, open the bags and add them to the soil during the tilling process. If your land is absolutely flat, give it a slight slope (to help with the drainage).

Lawn Care Trip # 3 Apply seed or unroll the grass carpet

Once the soil is prepared and ready for the lawn, apply the seed (or grass carpet purchased at the local nursery).

If you seeded the lawn, water every day for a few minutes. The idea is to dampen the seeds without causing the water to run off. Once the seeds sprout grow half inch tall, water once a day for 15 to 20 minutes.

Lawn Care Trip # 4 Mowing your lawn

The secret to good Mowing and Gardening Warners Bay is to mow only the top third of the grass! If the grass is too short it stresses the plant. So set the lawn mower to the highest notch and work with that. Taller grass promotes healthier root development and it doesn’t dry out as fast. Also, taller grass prevents weed from germinating.

Lawn Care Trip # 5 Watering the lawn

How much you water depends on the type of soil you have. Ask your local Garden Clean Ups Services Long Jetty expert at the nursery to check your soil and give his opinion on how much to water. As a rule of thumb, unless you home is located in an arid and dry region of the planet, watering (deeply) once a week should suffice. Watering deeply also prevents bugs that tend to attach themselves to dried, stressed out lawns.

Lawn Care Trip # 6 Fertilise the lawn

Fertilise the lawn twice a year around spring and fall. Go for a fertiliser that includes micro-nutrients such as sulphur, copper and iron.

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