Decorating Your Kitchen In The French Country Style

By Lee Dobbins

When you designing a kitchen many people will focus purely on the efficiency and organization of their kitchen, but they should not forget to give their kitchen some personality as well as it being functional. So when looking for a way to give your kitchen some personality then why not consider having a French Country kitchen decorating theme.

A well designed French country kitchen will make anyone feel as if they have just walked into a cottage in a rural part of France. Such kitchens reflect the French people’s joy of living as well as the importance of family and friends in their lives. To produce the vibrant and romantic feel of a French country kitchen there are a number of small touches which will help you to achieve the finished result.

Firstly we will look at colour as this plays a major role in any French country kitchen and were to you walk in to a French country cottage then more often than not you would find the walls painted either in a butter or mustard yellow colour. The cupboards in such a kitchen will be painted either cornflower blue or even salmon pink to accentuate the colour of the walls. But if you find these colours a little to strong then why not paint your walls blue and use lighter shades as accents.


For any French country kitchen natural light is also very important in its design. For many you will find that they only use simple roman shades as window dressings. The fabric is usually either canvas or toile and it can be striped or just a solid block colour, but if you want to be a bit more adventurous you could use a fabric with flowers, vegetables or herbs on it instead. One thing that you will find in any French country kitchen is lavender so why not have a dried bunch hanging from a hook in the ceiling or on a wall or just place a clump of it in a wall vase. In this way you will be able to bring the scent of a traditional French country kitchen in to your own.

Any accessories that you choose for your French country kitchen must be functional. Why not look for a terracotta or copper vase in which you can store all your cooking utensils. Also look at using free standing racks made from either copper or wrought iron for holding plants etc., in. Another good accessory to include in your design is a ceramic trivet in either the shape of a rooster or with a herb design that you can place on the wall when it is not being used on your kitchen table.

The best type of table for a French country kitchen decorating scheme is a plain pine work table that can also be used for family and friends to gather round for meals and just simply to sit and socialize at. But when choosing a table ensure that it will not interrupt the traffic flow through your kitchen.

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