Best Time For Everest Base Camp Trekking}

Best time for Everest base camp trekking


Rajesh Thapaliya


Everest base camp trek is one of the popular and beautiful trekking in Nepal. Everest base camp trekking is not difficult trekking as physically but it is quite challenging for high altitude problem because trekkers will fly directly to two thousands and eight hundred above the sea level and trek to five thousands and five hundred. You need to have at least twelve days from Kathmandu Everest base camp Kathmandu including two acclimatization spare days. Everest region is Sherpa land. Local people are Sherpa who are famous as climber for expedition. Sherpa are Buddhist doing tourism worker, tourism business and farming. Lots of attractive big White Mountains, river valleys, green hills, colorful flowers, local settlements, waterfalls, wild lives, Buddhist monuments and many more are main attractions of Everest base camp trek. Rare animals like red panda, musk deer, and snow leopards are found in Everest base camp trekking. Yaks are main animal of Everest base camp trekking region for milk, meat and transport to supply foods and materials to the Everest base camp. Festivals like mani rimdu, lhosar and many more Buddhist festivals are celebrate by the people of Everest base camp trekking region in different months of the year.

Best season for Everest base camp trekking

From mid September to late December in autumn and March to May are the best months for Everest base camp trekking. Even September to mid October will rain some time then it can be difficult to fly to Lukla but from mid October to late December the weather will be perfect for the flight although November and December will be quite cold. You need to have warm clothes for this time. The view of nature is wonderful during this time. And March to May is better to those people who scare to trek with too cold. It will be warmer then autumn but it can snow sometime this time. The land will be warm so the snow will melt within few hours so it won’t be difficult but the trail somewhere could be muddy cause of melting snow. This is the main season to climb Everest so you will see lots of colorful tents at the base camp. Everest base camp look like a little city of mountain during this time. The view of mountain is very pretty too. When many trekkers do Everest base camp trek, there will be less chance to get flight ticket to Lukla by earlier flights. Earlier flights may have more chance to fly to Lukla because during afternoon there will be wind and fog and there are some busy places with limited lodges so it can be full if you don’t book in advance. The guest houses of Everest base camp trekking region are clean and comfortable to stay. You will get private rooms and foods are prepared by locally trained cook with hygienic way. You can find many verities of the food in Everest base camp trekking region.

Everest base camp trekking is one of the very busy trekking in Nepal. It is better to do with guide. Fly to Lukla and trek to EBC and trek back to Lukla again. Coast of Everest base camp trek will be little bit higher then other trekking trail cause of flight coast.

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