What Is Broadloom Carpeting?

byAlma Abell

Broadloom carpeting in Reno, NV is any carpet which is woven on a wide loom; a loom of course is the device that is used for weaving. Broadloom carpet is very advantageous for homeowners who need to carpet a large room; there is no need for the carpet installers to have to piece together multiple sections of carpet thereby eliminating all seams. Although broadloom carpets are most often used for wall-to-wall installations they can also be bound on the edges and used as large area rug, this approach is advantageous as most area rugs are woven on a narrow loom. Broadloom carpet is a mainstay in most carpet showrooms; this carpeting in Reno is available in a wealth of colors and textures.


The looms used to make carpet today are a world apart from the looms used many years ago, today’s modern looms are all controlled by computers which allows them to produce carpeting in sizes, colors and surface textures never before possible. The operators of these looms are very skilled and they can create custom carpets for any number of situations. Broadloom carpeting can be pile woven or loop woven and can introduce a rainbow of colors in a common weave. It is easy to bind the edges of broadloom carpeting; this is the ideal way to stop the edges from fraying when the intention is to use the carpet section as an area rug.

The materials used to produce broadloom carpets are numerous. Popular natural choices have always been wool and sisal, they are quite reasonably priced. Other synthetics such as nylon are also readily available and a good choice for areas which get a lot of traffic. Synthetic carpeting, due to its fire resistance is often used in office buildings and other areas that must adhere to strict fire codes. The carpets are rendered fire resistant either after weaving by applying chemicals or applying chemicals to the actual fibers before the weaving process commences. The backings used for broadloom carpets are tough and can stand up to a great deal of hard use.

Broadloom carpeting in Reno, NV is usually laid over an underlay of either felt or foam, either of which is ideal as a sound deadener and they add additional warmth, the underlay also isolates the carpet should it be laid over a bare concrete floor which can often attract condensation. The thickness of the underlay can vary depending on where the carpet is going to be installed, thick plush carpeting used in the home often has a thicker underlay while in a commercial environment the emphasis is on hard wearing carpets.

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