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How do you lose weight in a week the healthy way? Many diet have begun claiming that they can help you shed a big amount of weight in a week and more if you faithfully follow their meal plans. But health wise, losing weight too fast is never healthy, especially if done through abrupt lifestyle changes and without medical supervision.

The normal amount of weight you can lose per week, with combined proper diet and exercise, is roughly one to two pounds. Losing weight more than this too rapidly can cause a subsequent weight gain due to a rapid decline in metabolism and loss in muscle mass. So it is not recommended for you to go beyond that benchmark unless you really have to. But technically speaking, there are ways for you to lose more than two pounds a week. However, doing this can put a number of risks to your health.

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What most people tend to do is to engage in what is known as the Yo-yo diet. It involves skipping meals, eating fewer calories and even fasting, which can indeed help you lose weight for a time. But soon, this will cause a decline in metabolism because the body is beginning to sense calorie shortage and will try to converse what it has left. A slow metabolism will eventually cause the body to “plateau”, wherein the body’s weight loss rate slows down and stops. Some even end up gaining weight because of the slowing down of calorie consumption. This phenomenon also causes decreased muscle tone, and loss of muscle means more room for fat to occupy. So while this diet may be effective initially, eventually the body will be unable to cope and you may end up even heavier than your starting weight!

A safer way to do lose weight fast is to ask your doctor for a reputable fast acting diet plan that is safe to use. One such plan that may help is the Medifast Diet, which is a weight loss plan that has been prescribed by doctors to the overweight and obese. It uses meal replacements and real food, and can be purchased online in any part of the USA. With this plan, you are to take five meal replacements a day, in the form of shakes, bars and oatmeal, to name a few, a “lean and green” meal of a small slice of lean meat and salad and a minimum of 64 ounces of fluid a day. Weight loss upon using this plan has been reported to be rapid, ranging from two to five pounds lost a week. But the high minimal amount of fluid intake should already warn you-because of the drastic change in metabolic intake, acid-base imbalances and dehydration in your body can occur. You should avoid doing high intensity exercises while following this diet.

Engaging in fast diets, especially for the very overweight, can be an option, but this should only be done under medical supervision and the strict precautions and instructions should be followed to the letter. But the best way to do your weight loss journey is to work patiently on keeping that balance diet and exercise, and to let nature take its course.

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